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    Holiday Self-Care

    We are in the midst of it all…shopping, decorating, lights, work parties, holiday get-togethers,  PLUS…not enough sleep, working, doing laundry, feeding your kids, feeding yourself, too much screen time, shortened tempers, elevated expectations… What are we doing?! This is not about doing less (unless you want to), changing your in-laws’ dispositions (this hasn’t happened in the history of the world), or being the Grinch (enough of that out there already). This is about caring for YOU! What are you doing right now to upgrade how you are feeling? Here are five ideas to help you feel centered for the rest of December. Take five minutes for yourself – Wake up…

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    The Perfect Cup of Coffee

    I adore coffee. It is my favorite thing to drink, period. I am in constant search for the best cup on the planet, but this is difficult – there is a lot of really bad coffee out there, in my humble opinion. Coffee is my vice, my elixir of choice, my nectar of the gods. Hot, bold, and served in its natural state – dark-roasted with no added creamer or sweetener. Ahh…. I have been a Starbucks aficionado for many years, but I really prefer to grind the beans myself and brew it at home rather than take a chance on disappointment. Unless, of course, the Starbucks I am visiting…

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    Say Yes To Failure

    What would you be glad that you attempted to do, even if you failed? My strongest inspiration and best learning experiences have come from my failures. The best failures happen when you are living life fully, taking risks and being open to the possibility of things not working out the way you expected. What appears to be an epic disaster gives you an opportunity to look at things differently, analyze the situation and see what could be tweaked, improved, or abandoned. If you don’t take a risk by stepping outside of your comfort zone to try something new, innovative and creative possibilities are never explored. Radical solutions are never found.…

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    Be With Now

    Do you live in the present? Do you have a self-care routine? Life is fast-paced, and people are under such pressure to do it all. How do you carve out time to be in the moment, and not succumb to the worries of daily life? I am fortunate now to be able to organize my life and work according to my own schedule, but for many years I jumped to the sound of the alarm clock, dressed, gathered my coffee/lunch/bag, and zoomed out the door to make it to my teaching job by 7:20. The day was a rush of schedules, deadlines, meetings, and being supportive of my middle school…

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    Embracing the Fear

    What keeps you from moving forward and living your best life? Is it fear? Perfectionism? I have worked through so many of my fears, yet there are still those few that lurk in the background, stealthily trying to sabotage my forward progress. For me, fear of failure, fear of getting something wrong, fear of rejection and fear of imperfection were things I worked through continuously a few years ago. I thought I had made excellent progress in calming and rechanneling these fears until I was ready to start writing this blog, and then WHAM – there they were again! In spite of accomplishing many things through the years (divorce, new…

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    Be Your Best Self

    Be Your Best Self – What does that mean? It’s personal, of course, In order to be my best self, I focus on seven areas that are important to me: physical wellness, mental engagement, relationships and communication, career and financial development, home and environment, emotional nourishment, and spiritual growth. I am more mindful in what I do and in the choices I make. I nourish my soul as well as my body. I explore my creativity. I work with integrity, and feel gratitude for the beauty around me. I’m learning to enjoy the journey, while doing it my way. In this blog, I will explore mindfulness, nutrition, holistic health, finding…

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    Let’s learn to relax and live in the NOW. Let’s lose the pressure to be everything to everyone. Let’s practice taking time for ourselves. Here you are encouraged to disconnect from everyday cares and learn a new way to recharge your batteries. I think and create best when I am quiet, relaxed, and under no pressure. I am finding it easier each day to live the present. The more I treat myself with kindness and love – by writing, reorganizing my living space, using really nice sheets on my bed, making and using organic spa products for my personal care – the more I find balance. What do you do…

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